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“Brain Flush” what a concept. What exactly does it mean? A Brain Flush is that euphoric moment when after the stress of the day be it work, kids, family, paying the bills, you finally get that moment where you can get a break and jump on your motorcycle, wave runner, ski’s, snowboard, skateboard or whatever it takes to feel that one moment of elation when everything just gets washed away. Unfortunately with our busy and cramped lives these moments are sometimes

few and far between. That’s what the Brain Flush is.



The Brain Flush was born in 1995 when a bunch of friends got together and rode from Philadelphia to Williamsburg. The Brian Flush weekend was then born. Every year the same group of guys have again banded together for their Brain Flush. Enclosed in the web pages you will see actual road histories of some of the trips that the Brain Flush boys have taken.



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